Sunday, November 16, 2008

'I've just begun to fight' - Obama birth certificate lawsuit still pending

Andy Martin

Although many have tried to get the original certificate of live birth in Hawaii released, author Andy Martin has filed suit against the state of Hawaii to have the records released.

Martin has a record as a nutty litigious type who is constantly filing lawsuits, so the suit will probably get thrown out on some technicality vs. the merits of the case. Martin apparently is the person who started the original 'rumor' that Obama is a muslim.

From PR Inside:

Obama author Andy Martin heads for historic court hearing in Honolulu. Martin will arrive in Honolulu Friday evening to prepare for a historic court hearing in the Circuit Court Tuesday, November 18th at 10:30 A.M.

"Some people want to run up the white flag and kiss Obama's fanny," Martin says. "In the words of John Paul Jones, 'I've just begin to fight.' Unless and until Obama releases records about his past-his birth certificate, college files and similar information-he lacks legitimacy. I do not think any American owes loyalty to Obama's radical socialist revolution, which is bent on destroying our way of life."

Amen, brother. Why doesn't Obama just release the real birth certificate?