Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hometown Jihad: Columbus & Ohio Infiltrated by Muslim Spies

With the assistance of Mayor Michael Coleman and others in powerful political circles in Ohio, according to Hilliard's own Patrick Poole in this article at FrontPage magazine.

It's nothing new that part of the islamic jihad involves infiltrating our very society and getting so embedded that they can begin to convert us. And eventually kill any Christian, Jew or non-muslim if we don't convert.

The article, also featured and discussed today at the Central Ohioians Against Terrorism (COAT) blog, features details about a muslim extremist/Columbus Public Schools adult educator who holds positions representing central Ohio's Homeland Security; who may get appointed to the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC); who is buddies with Coleman and others in positions of power.

From COAT:

He oversees Central Ohio Homeland Security. He is a full-time teacher with the Columbus Public Schools. And in his spare time, he publishes articles praising the Al-Qaeda-backed Somali Islamic Courts Union (see also here). He's Hilliard's own Abukar Arman, and he is profiled yesterday at FrontPage, "Hometown Jihad: The Somali Terror Apologist Next Door".Just how did Abukar Arman, a man with wildly extremist views, end up as the sole Columbus Public Schools representative on the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board, which develops and oversees Central Ohio Homeland Security? That's a question that hopefully our county commissioners and the CPS School Board will be answering shortly. Did his friend and business partner, Ahmad Al-Akhras, one of Mayor Coleman's closest advisors and Vice Chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR - which was just named as unindicted co-conspirator in a HAMAS terror financing trial in Texas), have anything to do with it? And don't you feel safer now knowing that someone who shares the violent ideology with Islamic terrorist and openly promotes them is in charge of your homeland security?And speaking of education, apart from his full-time teaching job with Columbus Public Schools (where he makes a whopping $32.73/hour), Abukar Arman also sits on the State Board of Education Foreign Language Advisory Board, a position he was appointed to back in March. Who was responsible for getting him that position? Was it his other friend and business partner, Abdinur Mohamud, who is a high-ranking official with the Lau Resource Center of the Ohio Department of Education?Oh, did I mention that Arman sits on the board of Sunrise Academy, the Islamic school in Hilliard that we recently profiled here at the COAT Blog, "Sunrise Academy's Fundraising Friends," and was the subject of a recent profile, "Hometown Jihad: The School Gym that Terror Built"? And that he's a top official for the Islamic Society of Greater Columbus?
Excerpts from the Frontpage article:

And it very well may have been his Somali friend, business partner and fellow CAIR-OH board member, Abdinur Mohamud, a high-ranking official of the Ohio Department of Education, that assured Abukar Arman’s appointment to the Ohio State Board of Education’s Foreign Language Advisory Board at their March 13, 2007 meeting, in addition to his position with the Ohio State University Office of International Relations Educational Advisory Committee. Mohamud is a consultant to the Ohio Department of Education’s Lau Resource Center and listed as the Ohio Title III State Director by the US Department of Education.

The same questions apply here to Abukar Arman’s appointments to these important educational board and committee as they did to his oversight of Central Ohio homeland security: who exactly was responsible for recommending Arman for these positions; and exactly where did the professional review and background check process break down in his case?

Another of Arman’s friends, Salah Sultan, the international Muslim Brotherhood operative, Qaradawi protégé, and HAMAS apologist and fundraiser that I have repeatedly profiled here at FrontPage (most recently, “Hometown Jihad: The HAMAS Connection”; in fact, Arman published a defense of Sultan, “The Trilogy that Muffles the Moderate Muslims”, following my initial “Hometown Jihad” article, likening me to Joseph Goebbels and denouncing the “Goebbelian excercise [sic] of freedom of speech”), told an audience at the April 2004 Muslim American Society-New York conference:

Da'wah [conversion] work can never succeed unless Muslims embed themselves within the very marrow of American society.

The Central Ohio extremist triumvirate of Ahmad Al-Akhras, Abukar Arman, and Abdinur Mohamud are proving Salah Sultan’s point by having infiltrated the upper echelons of political and civic institutions in Central Ohio and beyond. Protected by powerful political patrons in our city and state (extending all the way to Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland’s offices), they continue to rise further and penetrate deeper into the marrow of our civil society seemingly without the slightest impediment, fulfilling Salah Sultan’s vision.

Will anyone of our local or state leaders finally give a moment of pause to look at the rapidly mounting evidence for the Hometown Jihad that is presently escalating here in the heart of Ohio? At this point, we are left with little more than hope.

Call me an islamaphobe, but it seems that Dearbornistan is moving south, coming from that smelly place up north.

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